You might have noticed that I have been somewhat silent over the past couple of months. It is not just your imagination. Work and life got in the way, which is not an excuse or an apology, and before I knew it I had missed some blog time.

When I started my blog and twitter accounts several years ago, I knew I was taking on a challenge. Everything I read said you had to have a schedule and stick to it.

So I started with a schedule, a commitment of sorts, to post something once a week. I came close to following the schedule. Yes, I missed some weeks but if you comb through the archive you will see some months I did better. It was not following the schedule but it was what I did. If I missed a week, I made even more effort to get back to it. Until, of course, I missed a week and then another and then another. Oops.

What is a faithful blogger to do? Feel guilty? Ignore the absence and just start blogging again? Take my vows again to this time, no matter what, to keep to my schedule? What would you do?

I decided that guilt was a waste of time and so is a schedule.

Don’t get me wrong, schedules can be important. Just not for me. I will write when I have something to say and not for the point of saying something. Hopefully I will manage to have something to say once a week — then all those schedule people will also be happy!