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Whether it is a survey of your employees, stakeholders, customers, or the Canadian population, Jenkins Research will work with you from research design to reporting and presentations to deliver actionable research findings.

 Public affairs/ policy

Jenkins Research Inc is an experienced provider of research services on policy issues for governments and private organizations looking to understand or influence the policy process.

customer/ stakeholder 

Maintaining existing relationships is easier and possibly even more important than forging new ones. We understand customer and stakeholder research and build our custom surveys to suit the competive (or non-competitive) landscape in which our client operate.

brand performance/ strategy

At the heart of advertising performance, new product development and customer experience is your brand. We understand that your brand is your most important asset and have experience in brand research and incorporating brand insights into research projects.

Proven Success


Since 2009, Jenkins Research has been a trusted research partner for business, government and the not-for-profit sector.  We have a reputation for reliable results and quality research. 

Professional Association Experience

A large professional association in Ontario, engaged Jenkins Research to conduct surveys with members, the public and executives to establish perceptions of the industry in Ontario and to test value proposition ideas that were developed for a future marketing campaign.

Transit Experience

To identify ways to improve service and increase transit use, Jenkins Research was commissioned to conduct a series of surveys for a major Ontario municipality. The surveys identified startegic opportunities for improving the transit offering.

Financial Experience

A large financial institution was facing declining success with its unsecured lending and sought to better understand their current unsecured borrowing experience. An online isurvey of Canadians who have experience with, or have a potential interest in unsecured borrowing, clearly identified key current barriers for the institution and the key opportunities in terms of the key elements of a positive borrowing experience.


Richard Jenkins, Ph.D

A senior leader and story teller with more than 20 years of marketing and research experience.


Richard has a Ph.d. in Political Science from U.B.C. (1999) and an M.A. and B.A. in political studies from Queen’s University (Kingston).




Richard combines a strong academic background with more than 20 years of research experience. He has conducted leading edge consumer and business research using traditional (telephone, mail, in-person) and contemporary data collection methods (online, mixed-mode) for some of Canada’s leading public and private sector clients.

Experience is extensive in Financial, Technology, Public Sector,  Health care, Retail, Transit, and not-for-profit.

Jenkins Research Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario