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Board Self-evaluation

A New Proprietary Tool Powered by Jenkins Research

Easy to Administer — Effective to Use

Board self-assessment is a critical tool for all boards. Either annual or bi-annual measurment, a board survey ensures your Board is being effective in helping the organization meet its mandate. Until now, however, tools required staff and board effort to administer and understand. Jenkins Research has fixed this with a standard, annonymous, online self-evlauation tool. 

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2021: More and More Polls

In 2020, companies and organizations released 1150 polls In 2021, that previous annual high was shattered. The 1317 polls released represents a 14% increase. There is good reason to believe the 2021 election was at least partially key to the 2021 results. As we found...

2020 in Review: Pandemic Drives Polling to New Highs in Canada

The pandemic is not the only reason but it is virtually impossible to ignore COVID-19 in any 2020 year-end review. In 2020, companies and organizations released 1150 polls. This represents a 7% increase. In the four years of tracking, 2020 is the highest year and the...

The Sponsors: Media, Polling Firms and Clients who Pay for Public Polls

An analysis of all publicly released polls in Canada that shows that just over a third of all releases were funded by research firms themselves.

Number of Questions in Average Public Release

On average, each public opinion release in Canada has 10 questions on it.


What Canadians Think

The best way of knowing what Canadians think is simply to ask them. And, as the Public Polls Project, has found out, there is no shortage of public opinion polls out there to tell us what is on the public’s mind. takes the plethora of polls, both recent and historic, and considers thematically what it says about Canadians and the formation and change in public opinion.

Public opinion is a collective good and important resource that both is shaped by and shapes the political discourse in the country. Understanding what polling is, and is not telling us is an important contribution to our public space. is just one non-partisan effort in this direction.


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What We Can Do For You

Big or small, every project gets the Jenkins Research commitment to excellence. So whether it is a few hours of advice or a large survey, we are committed to delivering a positive experience.

And with access to best-in-class panels and partner relationships with qualitative researchers, brand consultants and public affairs expertise, no project is too big. 

We are small but we act big! 

Quantitative research

We bring 20 years of market and public opinion research to every project.


Our public surveys are fuelled by our strong relationships with several high quality panels.


A best-in-class online survey software powers



All data is stored on Canadian servers, including survey responses.

From Our Founder

Research is my life

Public opinion. It is my life. It is my passion. Creating Jenkins Research was inevitable even years before I finally made it happen in 2009. Ten years later, lots of things have changed but my desire to learn new things has stayed constant. 

in 2017, I launched to share that passion. 



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