Jenkins Research is pleased to announce that Richard Jenkins presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition (CCFN) on Friday October 22nd. The presentation provided a summary of the recently completed report of the Council entitled “Ethnography Study: A New Perspective on Canadians’ Attitudes and Behaviours Toward Food and Nutrition.”


For over 20 years, 7 Tracking Nutrition Trends Surveys have captured the changing (and unchanging) attitudes and behaviours of Canadians as they pertain to nutrition. In 2010, the decision was made to explore these same attitudes and behaviours through the lens of an online ethnographic approach.
For five days in 2010, we asked a group of Canadians from all walks of life to undertake a series of daily-life tasks (e.g., a solo meal; a shopping excursion), upload pictures of these tasks, and describe the results.


The result is an illuminating glimpse into the lives of Canadians as they make food choices. For example, the ethnographic approach showed how important convenience is for so many people as they search out food options.

The report is available on the CCFN website at a modest cost and the archive of the webcast (audio + slide presentation) is available on the CCFN website.

See here for my earlier discussion of the value of online ethnography.