Recently the Centre for Disease Control released updated information on the proportion of the United States who rely on wireless or cell phones for their telephone access at home. The research found that at the end of 2009, 25 per cent of American households (up from 23 per cent six months ago) only had cell phone.

The trend over the past several years is clear. The traditional landline is quickly being replaced (for my discussion of some of the reasons see the early post) and will be placing considerable pressure on companies offering landline phone service (because fewer people are paying for the infrastructure maintenance.

Where is Canada? Trend Canada data in Canada is not as complete and the most recent data is from 2008. According to Statistics Canada, 8 per cent of households were cell phone only in December of 2008 (2009 numbers will be released this summer).

There is no question that Canada will eventually start on the same path but for now, American households have charted their own path away from the landline phone.