Delivering Actionable Research and Advice

Quantitative Research

Whether it is a survey of your employees, stakeholders, customers, or the Canadian population, Jenkins Research will work with you from research design to reporting and presentations.

Business Consulting

Looking for an actionable insights but not interested in doing research. Whether it is issue reviews, market sizing, or general business strategy, Jenkins Research can provide the knowledge you need.

Other Research Services

Key informant interviews, secondary analysis, and advice on research elements (research design, questionnaire design, programming, analysis) at your fingertips.

The Jenkins Research Story

Jenkins Research was born out of a personal desire for a new challenge but it also flows from a couple of observations about trends in the industry. Together these led me to leave an excellent job at a major international research house for the opportunity of running a small (often one-person) company.

The first observation: The industry is being pulled in two different directions. Get bigger or be small.

One the one hand, are the forces that are driving large, multinational research firms to get larger through the acquisition of other, mostly mid-sized, companies. Large companies serve other very large companies and this means they need to have a research footprint that encompasses the globe and the scale to be able to offer low cost services. In addition, small companies have been the engine of innovation and this is another reason for why they get swallowed up.

The second observation: Small companies can flourish in the current market.


The reason small companies can flourish is two fold. Firstly, the commodification of data collection and the shift to online data collection has reduced the need for companies to have their own (costly) in-house data collection facilities. Quality is assured through working with reputable data collection partners who conform with industry standards and codes of conduct. Secondly, what defines quality in the market research field, is the advice the client receives from their research provider and small companies can focus their attention on value-added consulting services that are tailored to the needs of their clients.

The challenge:  Deliver a unique client experience that is focused on actionable insights.

Our approach to market research is informed by a deep experience and understanding of Canadian public opinion and market behaviour. At Jenkins Research we strive to be unique by adopting a custom, client driven approach to project management and design. We see clients as partners and look to build relationship that extend beyond specific projects.